Everest – the highest mountain on the planet

It is difficult to see her and to ascend to her even more difficult. One of the best views of the Northern Wall of the mountain opens from Tibet. I was lucky to watch the mountain within several hours at different Light. It was not ease. At the altitude of 5400 m where there is a Base Camp of Everest, there is already not enough oxygen, the organism experiences strain.

Everest North Face DSC_5465 DSC_5478 DSC_5490 DSC_5492

And also if you are lucky you can see Everest from the plane!

Everest from the plane

In October 2017 we organise the trip to Eastern Tibet. It is not Everest area, but also very impressive. We are going to Kham and we want to take a dozen of friends with us. We are going to visit new and already discovered places in Eastern Tibet. We are also open to any new connections, that is why if you don’t consider yourself a Buddhist, welcome to our group anyway!

Dates of the trip and the points of entry and exit are published! Look the programm!

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